I have the following two URL's (Please note that URL 1 contains comma, while URL 2 contains encoded %2C):

  1. https://example.com/hotels_page/Cleveland,%20OH,%20USA/Safe%20Hotels%20near%20University%20Circle.html

  2. https://example.com/hotels_page/Cleveland%2C%20OH%2C%20USA/Safe%20Hotels%20near%20University%20Circle.html

To my knowledge they are actually the same URL, is that true? However, Google selects URL 1 as the the canonical URL, URL 2 is marked as "Duplicate, submitted URL not selected as canonical". URL 1 is marked as "Indexed, not submitted in sitemap".

The actions I have done (i.e. the reason Google sees two versions of URLs):

  1. Submit a sitemap containing URL 2;
  2. In a few days (probably Google hasn't crawled URL 2 yet in sitemap), I submitted URL 2 (note: that's right, URL 2, the fully-encoded version, not URL 1) in the top "Search Bar" of the Google Search Console to "request indexing". However, it seems like Google Search Console interprets my submission URL in search bar in the form of URL 1, and Google selected that "version" as canonical version.

My question is: Why does this happen? They are supposed to be the same URL (other than canonical/non-canonical) right?

Is there any way I can submit a URL into Google Search Console search bar, and make Google interpret the URL as URL the "version" of URL 2?

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