We currently have a global photography website located at https://example.com. We will be adding a physical location, school/events space in Bologna, Italy this year. We will be targeting the services this physical location mainly to local Italians but also a lesser extent Europeans and Globally.

We will create a microsite for bookings and promoting this space in Italian and English.

What would the best route to take in terms of targeting and SEO to add this website to our current offering? As I see it there are a few options or a combination of the following:

  • Sub-folder: https://example.com/space (/en & /it)
  • Sub-domain: https://space.example.com (/en & /it)
  • Domain: https://examplespace.com (/en & /it)
  • Domains: https://examplespace.it (local) && https://examplespace.com (global) (Hreflang)

We could even go hyperlocal with https://examplespace.bo.it

Any thoughts, recommendations or suggestions would be welcome.

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