On many places over the internet you can find people suggesting the data-adtest="on" parameter to test ads on your local environment.

<ins className="adsbygoogle"
  style={{display:"inline-block", width:"360px", height:"180px"}}
  data-adtest="on"         // <-----------------------------

I could make it work with trial and error. Some sites even suggest that the proper name is data-ad-test.

But is there an official documentation about this?

If there is, I still haven't found it.

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Seems like there isn't.

I also tried the data-adtest="on" approach and it didnt work for me either.

Source: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54043177/how-do-you-render-google-ad-units-in-localhost

I couldn't find any official documentation about this parameter either.


Check this out: Testing modes

I found in the google developers site. Hope this will help.

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