I need to rename many jpg files. For expamle:

warszawa_1.jpg  ->  wars_1.jpg, warszawa_2.jpg  ->  wars_2.jpg

I created in the .htaccess file something like that:

Redirect 301 /img/warszawa_1.jpg        /img/wars_1.jpg

but I would have to enter over 100 like that. Is there any way to get it done with one entry in htaccess?

  • So, you are removing the zawa part of the original request URL? Are you linking to the wars_N.jpg in your code? – MrWhite Feb 10 '20 at 22:15

I'm assuming:

  1. You have already renamed these files in your application.
  2. You are linking to the new filenames in your pages (otherwise you should not implement this as a redirect, but as an internal rewrite instead)
  3. You have no other directives in your .htaccess file. (The order of directives is important and if you are already using mod_rewrite then you should probably use mod_rewrite instead.)
  4. All these requests for images are for the /img subdirectory.

So, you are removing the zawa part of the filename and there are a series of digits after an underscore that need to be preserved.

Try the following:

RedirectMatch 302 ^(/img/wars)zawa(_\d+\.jpg)$ $1$2

Test with 302 (temporary) redirects before changing to a 301 later if required.

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