I have several websites:

A - a photo gallery made from scratch by me with HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap;

B - an artistic portfolio made with a CMS platform (Blogger), I only changed some HTML and added my graphic in the header;

C - a Webcomic based on Wordpress Platform and pre-built template.

I purchased my own domains for B and C, though.

In all cases the content (photos, illustrations, and comics) is mine.

Now, I want to put them in a resume and let recruiters know that the content is mine and also give a general idea that I'm able to manage CMS platforms, and show that in some cases I created the web page from scratch by coding it entirely (A), whereas in my Linkedin profile will be specified which of them is coded from scratch (A) and which ones are based on a CMS platform

Given that, I wonder if calling them "Projects" on a resume is appropriate or not, for the following limitations:

1) Some of them are not coded from scratch, as I said

2) They are personal projects, that's to say they are not intended to provide any service. Moreover, some of them are not finished (they are in progress)

My question is:

  • May a personal Website, a CMS-based Website, or a rudimentary website be called "Project"?

  • Would you call them "Projects" on a resume or on Linkedin?

  • If you put it together, it's a project, but, in general, no one cares. Call them projects and be done with it. – Rob Feb 6 at 10:25

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