I'm currently working on a filter that can contain functionality such as search, sort, pagination, checkbox like in the following image.

For now, I use Laravel and trust every functionality to the query builder.For example : ->where(), pagination(10), sortBy(), orderBy(). But I'm afraid, This will make users uncomfortable because every time the user change filter values. I force the ajax to reload the page.

I want to use libraries like list.js, pagination.js, isotope but I doubt it. I think the javascript will ruin the SEO. Because the URL will not link to the specific information.

In my mind, I'm planning to load all the data in some variables like this var data=@json($data) and render the views using 1 of those libraries. There will be not any extra string in the URL.

Are those libraries good for SEO? should I use the library or keep the website in plain blade+php

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