I'm sending the following custom event from my web app.

gtag("event", "amazon_click", {
  "event_category": "engagement",
  "event_label": "User clicked on Amazon link",
  "asin": asin

You can see that I'm adding a custom parameter named asin

Will that custom parameter be logged anywhere in Google Analytics? Where can I find it and make a table report that shows this parameter I've added?

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If you are using an app+web property, you wont be able to use that custom parameter within GA, you would need BigQuery:

Custom events are collected in the same way as automatic and suggested events. However, since their names are arbitrary and not recognized by App + Web property reports, custom events must instead be analyzed via BigQuery.

If you are using a web property, I would instead suggest using custom dimensions and sending the value along with the event.

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