I've posted a similar question ( Hide the relationship between blog articles but still get listed on AdSense ) earlier but this is now more relevant, so please give me a note to delete the previous question if you feel it should be removed.

I have a section in my website where I want to publish articles based on my work ( art/design/photography ), promotional materials for local events/businesses and other more national promotional meterial ( plus maybe some personal posts ).

So as you can tell, it's a bit of a random section, meaning that there is no real home page. I simply want people to be able to visit the article directly from social media or 3rd party websites.

The url/links are structured as:

http://example.com/articles/id/40294092 ... A local business profile
http://example.com/articles/id/53904930 ... A music event article

Meaning that simply visiting http://example.com/articles will result in a redirect back to http://example.com.

So if I want my articles to have AdSense adverts, I obviously need to give the root of my articles, which in this case will result in a blank page, followed by the redirect.

How can I get Google AdSense to verify my url?

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