Leverage Google Analytics conversions in Google Ads so I can see which ads/keywords/etc. are resulting in conversions.


Goals are set in GA to key off of an event. I'm using the GA API to push an event to GA via C# code (there is no unique page view in the app that would indicate a successful conversion).

I can see conversions in GA, but they never show up in Google Ads. As a result, all of my ads/keywords have a conversion rate of 0%, even though I have had conversions as a result of ads being clicked.


  • Ads drive traffic to https://www.example.com
  • Call-to-action buttons direct traffic to https://app.example.com (subdomain)
  • Signups (conversions) happen on the subdomain.
  • Google Ads & Analytics accounts are linked
  • Analytics code in place using Universal Analytics code copied onto every page of the both sites with cookieDomain set to auto with the same property ID.
  • Google Ads conversion has been set up to use Google Analytics as the source for conversion data.
  • This is probably key -- as I typed this question out, I noticed that all conversion events in Google Analytics have a Source/Medium value of "(direct) / (none)" indicating to me that Google Analytics may not be working cross-subdomain.
    • I would think that I should be seeing CPC values here since these conversions originally came from Google Ads. Maybe that's being lost cross-subdomain but sessions appear to be tracked properly (i.e. a visitor coming in on www. is shown as the same visitor in GA when they navigate to app., it doesn't show as a second session.

Any thoughts on what I should be looking at to fix this?

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