Some SEO Gurus assured me that noindex attributes are good to devalue the unimportant pages.

When I asked in the moz Q and A, they're quite sure that having noindex on the bulk of the articles on the website can harm overall SEO ranking.

Which is true?


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If you add NOINDEX to some articles, they won't help you with SEO because they won't be seen by search engines.

If most of your articles are not seen by search engines, then your website is missing opportunities to rank and bring organic traffic.

If your question is if adding NOINDEX to some articles will hurt the rankings of the other articles or the website in general, then no - it will be as if those articles with NOINDEX didn't exist, so no impact on the rest.

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    oh, you cleared my doubt. Are you really sure that any percentage of no index tag have no affect over SEO? Commented Jan 22, 2020 at 16:57

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