I contribute to a MediaWiki where I created a page with a link starting with a slash. I corrected it a few years ago and it still shows in searches:

Page title matches
/BitmapLaserEngraving Bitmap engraving on the laser cutter
... tried to reproduce the bitmap engraving on display at MakeSpace, which the creator no longer remembered. I used

Clicking on the page brings me to a non-existent external link /BitmapLaserEngraving.

Wanted pages lists pages that are linked and don't exist. This page has no link pointing to it, so I suspect it's a problem with indexing. I could not find how to do this on the special pages. Some other contributors to the wiki are nervous about rebuilding the index as they say that sometimes things go wrong.

How can I fix this, and what are the admin rights I need to request?

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