I used to play with Google Search Console for many years ago and I remembered the old console has a SEO audit report. It can tell me what pages have duplicated titles or missing h1 tags.

It's a very helpful report to fix/improve my whole site's bad pages.

However, I can't find it in the new Google Search Console. And I also failed to find an entrance to the previous version.

Any tips?

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Google Search Console used to have a section called "HTML Improvements". Here is a screenshot (image source):

Google Search Console HTML Improvements

Google removed the report and is not planning to replace it. Google says:

No equivalent report provided; please follow best practices to improve your titles and snippets.

I wouldn't have tried to rely on the report as a full SEO audit. It only reported on problems with titles and meta descriptions. It didn't address a whole range of possible SEO problems including redirects, canonicals, thin content, plagarism, usability, robots.txt, link structure, security, mobile friendliness, headings, alt text, etc.


Google removed this report from the new version of the tool, now called Google Search Console.

As a free alternative (although a bit limited) you can try downloading and using Screaming Frog SEO Spider that can analyze your website and shows this plus much more.

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