Our primary domain name is like MyDomains.example. We also own MyDomain.example that has never had anything on it.

Is there any downside or risk to put a simple forward from MyDomain.example to MyDomains.example (primary)?

The main reason for doing this would be for customers who attempt to access our site without the "s" on the end.

We don't want this new domain to index or affect our current MyDomains.example.

  • What do you mean by "forwarding"? Do you mean "HTTP Redirect", "Framed redirect", "reverse proxy", or something else? – Stephen Ostermiller Jan 14 '20 at 19:15
  • Just a redirect, so when someone visits MyDomain.example it goes to our primary domain MyDomain.examples – hanzinati Jan 16 '20 at 0:13

It is perfectly fine to do what you propose, as long as you do not do any domain masking. Here's a short yt video explanation.

  • thanks! Yeah, no masking, just a way for customers to not find a dead site. thanks! – hanzinati Jan 16 '20 at 0:14

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