I have a validated IDN website in the Google Search Console and I'm trying to add it's sitemap. The problem is that the sitemap is constantly in the Couldn't fetch state. I've read in various sources that this Couldn't fetch state can either indicate that the sitemap is processing, or some general error, and I think that the latter is my case, because according to the nginx access logs google crawlers aren't even attempting to get this sitemap.

I've done some various basic tests:

  • the sitemap file is reachable from public internet.
  • the sitemap Content-Type is application/xml (doubt this can be the cause since no access log traces of google are found, except initiated manually).
  • the sitemap is reachable from the Google Search Console point of view through the "Check the URL" tool (and I'm seeing nginx log output when using this tool).

But still the state is Couldn't fetch.

Is the problem of the GSC with IDN itself ?

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