I have a shopping site in Iran, but when I search in Google, it won't come up in the search results. The only way I can find the site at all in Google from inside Iran is after a long search in image results.

When i connect to VPN I can find my pages in the search results. For example, when I connect to Germany, Netherlands or France (changing my IP address), I can find my pages in results.

How can I get Google to show my site in Iranian based results.

  • What language(s) is your website written in? Can you find your site using a site: search? – MrWhite Jan 4 at 15:10

First of All, Is your website hosted in Iran and do you have a .ir TLD?

Additionally, you can improve your local search ranking by using Google My Business services.

Here are a few tips to improve your local search ranking.


  • host is located in germany. a couple of iranian sites use germany hostings. yes my site is gymarket.ir – sajad Jan 4 at 20:47
  • It would be a good thing to ask your host to give you an iranian ip. I can't read persian so I can't see if you mention in text your website is dedicated to Iran market? It's very important to mention that also. eg The 1st iranian gym provider – gael Jan 5 at 10:59
  • Server IP address should not be a (significant) factor when geo-targeting a website. Except that if a site is physically hosted far from your expected user base then there might delays when serving content. – DocRoot Jan 5 at 18:54

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