If I am running a small bookstore, when a customer enters I can:

  • see their height / morphology
  • see whether they are alone or in company
  • see the coat, shoes etc. they are wearing
  • hear their accent (if they ask a question)
  • see whether they are walking unaided or have crutches / wheelchair
  • guess at their age bracket (somewhat reliably)
  • guess at their physiological sex (somewhat reliably)
  • guess at their gender identification (less reliably)
  • recognise whether they are a first time, occasional or frequent visitor
  • see what items they are paying attention to etc.

Some things I can verifably see, others I can only guess at with a greater or lesser degree of accuracy.

I am curious to compile a comprehensive list of what information I can derive about a website visitor, how can I derive it and how reliable it is.

Here is what I have come up with so far:

Verifiable Information

  • UNIX Timestamp - Date.now() (Javascript)
  • the visitor's Online status - window.navigator.onLine (Javascript)
  • the visitor has JS enabled - [any true/false test using JS] (Javascript)
  • the visitor's screen resolution - window.screen.width / window.screen.height (Javascript)
  • the visitor's viewport - window.innerWidth / window.innerHeight (Javascript)
  • the site URL the visitor is currently visiting - window.location.href (Javascript)

Verifiable Information (requires response)

  • the visitor's geolocation - navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition() (Javascript)

Less Reliable Information

  • the visitor's IP address - $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] (PHP)
  • the visitor's OS Category - window.navigator.platform (Javascript)
  • the visitor's browser language - window.navigator.language (Javascript)
  • the visitor's timezone - Intl.DateTimeFormat().resolvedOptions().timeZone (Javascript)

Unreliable Information

  • the visitor's Browser Type - window.navigator.userAgent (Javascript)
  • the visitor's Browser Version - window.navigator.userAgent (Javascript)
  • the page the visitor arrived from - $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] (PHP)
  • the visitor's Host - $_SERVER['REMOTE_HOST'] (PHP)

I'm guessing there will be much more info - and probably more categories of info - that can be derived.

Ideally I would like to collaboratively compile a comprehensive list of information and derivation methods.

All useful contributions will be upvoted.

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