I have some custom goals in GA based on certain events.

For example, scroll 75% of page, video play, social share, a link click to another article etc. are all classed as goals. All together they these are classed engaged users.

Now, I want to see how these engaged users interact with my content (in Behaviour > Site Content > All pages).

How do I create a custom segment that is made up of these goals? I tired clicking on 'Add Segment' > 'New Segment' but I can't find any options to add these goals/events.


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Click on Add Segment > New Segment, then select Conditions. In the right page on the segment builder, select Sessions or Users and Include, then below that in the section to select a dimension or metric, select it and start typing in the name of one of your goals, it will be in blue, as it is a metric (dimensions are in green) and from there configure your segment.

More info on how to build custom segments can be found in the GA Help Center

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    Amazing! Thank you!
    – cget
    Commented Dec 19, 2019 at 10:49

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