I have a developer who wants to check website files on the server. In the past, this developer has made changes that broke the website. In order to avoid unwanted file editing, I need to grant the developer access in some sort of read-only role. The hosting is on DirectAdmin.

Question is: How can I create a FTP/SSH user with read-only (and perhaps download) credentials?

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Create .ftpaccess file in directory that needs to be read-only for account [email protected].

Content of the .ftpaccess file:

<Limit WRITE>
DenyUser [email protected]

That's all.

Please note:

  • Commands in .ftpaccess file are recursive (i.e. affects all the files in the current directory and any subdirectory).

  • Condition is that server supports ProFTPD.

More about ProFPTD here:


Warning: ProFTPD is quite powerful. If you make a mistake and therefor you can't edit your files via FTP anymore, you can still edit .ftpaccess file via the command line.

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