What's the start event for the 'Page Load Time' in the 'Page Timings' report?

I've read that GA uses NavigationTiming API. Is it v1? Is the start event performance.timing.navigationStart? Also, what's the end event? Is it domLoaded?

The reason for my question is that we've implemented page load metrics with custom code and User Timings. That's to ensure that we measure time till we finish all additional XHR requests and a user can interact with a page. Our start time was navigationStart.

However, we've noticed problem with that. We have a Single-Page Application where even if the URL changes in the browser, it's done via the history API, as a result the output of performance.timing doesn't change when you go from one page to another. Hence, the load time could be artificially high for some pages, since navigationStart will indicate the moment the browser went to the web app, as opposed to specific page.

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