I get this alert in my Google Search Consol:

1 issue detected

Google has detected harmful content on some of your site’s pages. We recommend that you remove it as soon as possible. Until then, browsers such as Google Chrome will display a warning when users visit or download certain files from your site.

Uncommon downloads

Description Some or all of the downloads on this site shows "uncommon download" warnings. Learn more Sample URLs N/A

My question and problem is: how can I realize/detect the mentioned file or page? It did not refer to any specific file so I can not track this issue.

  • @ Amin - what you did to remove same ?
    – Gag
    Commented Jan 27, 2020 at 17:40

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This is a known "bug"; even Google mentions that if you get one of these where no actual file is referenced, you should just request a review and ignore it (my website gets one of these every few months, just a small annoyance but no real harm).


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