My website (www.example.com) has all of my images hosted via CDN under a different sub-domain (cdn.example.com).

We've noticed an odd behavior recently, that seems as though Googlebot-Image/1.0 is trying to crawl valid image URLs from the CDN domain but prefixed with our site domain (or adding a leading slash?).

e.g. instead of requesting the image at https://cdn.example.com/product/12345.jpg, it is attempting to request https://www.example.com/https:/cdn.example.com/product/12345.jpg

This has resulted in hundreds of thousands of exceptions per week being logged on our main site, as the actual URLs are invalid.

Is there anything I can do to mitigate this, other than programming the site itself to handle the malformed URLs?

Would disallowing Googlebot-Image on the www domain prevent it from successfully crawling the cdn domain?

Do I need a robots.txt file on the cdn domain itself?

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