I've recently started hosting my own dns, I like being able to brand it on my own. The way I'm doing it right now, I still have the domain the nameservers are on hosted on external dns, so I can point the records where they should go.

I have 4 nameservers:

  • (primary) ns1 - Dallas, Texas
  • (slave)  ns2 - Toronto, Ontario
  • (slave)  ns3 - London, United Kingdom
  • (slave)  ns4 - Tokyo, Japan

Each of them has an A & AAAA record on the domain example.com, ns1.example.com, ns2.example.com, etc. I want to have example.com's DNS hosted on those nameservers, but I can't since I have to have those records there. The actual domain is at 101 Domain (not my personal choice, had to for a .bot domain). Anyone know of a way I can have my records exist, and also host my dns on my custom servers?

  • Why do you want to brand it? Only a few of the most technical end users ever would see your NameServer records. For many of those users, it is more trustworthy to use a well known DNS host. Self-hosted DNS has a really bad reputation. – Stephen Ostermiller Nov 19 '19 at 16:49

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