I have been working on lots of performance updates to my site and I have gotten pretty much every page type to load in under 2 seconds. Most single post pages are coming in at around 1.5 seconds.When I enable adsense, it takes 3-4 seconds for the page to load.

I did a test on a live page using gtmetrix and the final asset from my domain finishes loading at 1.6 seconds. Adsbygoogle then continues to hang up the page until it finishes loading at 3.4s.

Compared to some sites, 3.4 seconds is not the worst, but it annoying that adsense is doubling the time it takes for pages to load on my site. To make it worse, I am only displaying one single ad.

I know google are funny about altering results for their crawlers. Does google consider adsense part of this content too or can I write some code that will disable adsense ads when the crawler comes in order to get the best possible ranking bonus for a fast loading page

  • No idea, but remembering that Google penalizes or boosts sites based on loading speed, it sounds dodgy. – user253751 Nov 28 at 16:52

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