I've just finished building a wordpress site for the company I work for. The original plan was to build out the store with woocommerce. However we have over 11,000 products and orders need to work seamlessly with the warehouse software we currently use. This software company offer a web-shop, and this is the path we're going to go down.

In my mind I plan to use a sub-domain for the shop so shop.mydomain.com. The advice I'm looking for is how do I incorporate both so they kind of act as one

I'd like to add a link to our navigation in wordpress called shop that links to the subdomain.

As an example if you checkout https://www.wurth.com.au their homepage defaults to a shop subdomain but the rest of the site is at their main domain.

Am I looking at redirection work here or that combined with some custom php. Any advice on where to get started is must appreciated.

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