I have a pricing table and FAQs which I will be using on multiple pages within the same website. I cannot re-write the content for each page as the services I offer are the same and so are the FAQs. The content itself has a bunch of keywords in it.

How do I ensure that this does not get recognised as 'duplicate content'?

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    You could likely link to the FAQs instead of including them directly in the text of each page. That will also make it easier to update the content in one place rather than copying to multiple pages. As for pricing tables, that shouldn't flag your pages as duplicates, as long as you have enough other unique content on the pages. You can also mark the pricing tables and FAQs up with Schema.org so search engines can see what types of content they are, and mark up your actual products or services with Schema so they see what those pages are mainly about. – WebElaine Oct 21 '19 at 16:07

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