I have a website that redirects in the following manner:

  1. https://example.com/drugs/paracetamol.html

  2. http://example.com/drugs/new-paracetamol.html - 302

  3. https://example.com/drugs/new-paracetamol.html - 302

I'm aware this is currently an issue and that the second redirect isn't necessary, it's a bug in the redirection config. However what I'm interested in is would this configuration currently affect google analytics results in any way? If so what would it affect?

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I don't see how it would have any effect on Google Analytics. The tracking script only fires when a page is delivered to a browser.

The only way I can see this registering in Google Analytics is if you are using a client side redirect like <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=http://example.com/" /> or redirecting with javascript.

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