quick question. I want to seo local service (one city but maybe more in the future).

Which url structure is better?

  1. example.com/city/service
  2. example.com/service-city
  • Keeping the folder structure separate, will give you more flexibility in the future. Such that in example 1. example.com/city/service or perhaps 3.example.com/service/city. This depends on what your services are. If you have limited service choices but more city choices, then pick 3rd option. If you are in one city with many services, then 1. SEO also means organizing the internet, consequently first, by organizing your website. If you combine things like service-city, it is not wrong, but as you grow, it may get more complicated in figuring the meaning of each section. – Mugé Oct 10 '19 at 20:30

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