I am trying to improve my search engine results on Google and Bing. The content of my site has microdata to define the content. Currently, I have a keywords tag on every page on my website. However, sometimes I find that I update the content of the page, but forget to update the keywords. The content of the pages are keywords driven. In other words, the written articles are being injected for relevant keywords to drive organic traffic. I am concerned that the search engine finds the keywords not matching the content and possibly flags it or ranks it less.

On stack overflow, I don't see that they are using the keywords tag. I am not even sure if the tags are used for anything other than grouping the questions.

Is it a good idea to remove the keywords tag altogether from all my pages? Additionally, can I also remove the descriptions tag as well for the same purpose since I have microdata defining the content of my pages?

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    Welcome to Webmasters! Google and Bing do not use the keywords meta tag. – closetnoc Oct 6 '19 at 15:44

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