I've used IIS here and there for various applications, mostly as a developer that doesn't have to interact with it much. I've never understood the complete distinction between an IIS "Website" and an Application Pool. With this new project I am working on I am even more confused since we have what seems to be layers of App Pools:

Our IIS panel:

^ Application Pools
> Sites
  > WebsiteX       (Main App Pool)
    > dev          (Dev App Pool, static files)
      ^ ServiceA  ]\
      ^ ServiceB  ] Service App Pool
      ^ ServiceC  ]/

When deploying our application, or parts thereof, which services need to be stopped? I noticed if I stop the Service App Pool I can update the services (if I don't, I get file in use errors). Do I need to stop the Dev App Pool when updating static files? Do I even need the Dev App Pool, or the Main App Pool?

I was under the impression that App Pools are tied to backend applications only. That is, that they aren't needed for serving static files.

I noticed that I can also stop the entire WebsiteX and am able to deploy new releases, without stopping any App Pools. What does that do? Just close connections but leave any applications running?

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