I am trying to implement oauth2 to my django app. I tried to use django-oauth-toolkit. I think their documentation is outdated and could not find any mention of pkce.

Also, I could not find any example or blog post from the internet. If my understanding is correct i have to generate code_verifier, and code_challenger first. Then I have to append those in request as a parameter. Then django-oauth-toolkit will do the rest. Am I right?

Is there even django+oauth2+pkce successfully integrated


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Yes as of v1.3 https://django-oauth-toolkit.readthedocs.io/en/latest/changelog.html#id8

for a blog see: https://www.liip.ch/en/blog/authorization-code-with-pkce-on-django-using-django-oauth-toolkit

But I must admit, I am still struggling with getting the initial authorization step working, as it seems to force me to login to the Django app.

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