The Audience -> Geo -> Location page of Google Analytics shows total revenue that all the users from a certain country have generated. How do I get it to show value per session, i.e. "total revenue from country" / "number of users from country"?

Ideally it would be better to calculate average LTV per session per country, but if it's impossible, that's ok.

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Near the top left of the Location report you can change the Metric Group from the default Summary set of columns to Ecommerce, which then includes Per Session Value as a column.

Screenshot of Location GA report with metric group tabs

If you wish you had a version of the location report that shows Per Session Value along with some columns that are not in the Ecommerce metric group, you can click Edit near the top right of the location report window and it will save a copy as a custom report (opening the Create Custom Report screen shown below), that you can then shift around however you'd like.

Screenshot of part of custom report editing screen

You could also add a column for Revenue Per User, although this is not the LTV version shown in the Audience > Lifetime Value report. Instead it will just combine revenue by user within the date range you're using to view the report.

If you have an idea for a computation you'd like to make and have available as a report column, and it's not already a metric, you can set up a calculated metric under Admin > View > Calculated Metrics (you can add, subtract, multiply, or divide one metric by another), and that metric will be available in a custom report as well.

True Lifetime Value is difficult in GA for privacy reasons, like anything that potentially pulls out per-user information, but hopefully this will get you closer to the numbers you're interested in.

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