I am using CentOS 7.6, Webmin 1.930, Virtualmin 6.07 Pro. and Wordpress Multisite (5.2.3) and have it all working but can't work out how to setup a domain for each Multisite.

I think I need to manually edit the Apache config files. Currently, I set up the Multisites to be in sub-directories but can set them up as sub-domains if needed (I guess if I use sub-domains I map the domains for each site to the sub-domain).

  • I empathize with your confusion. I do not know WP Multisites at all. I do use Virtualmin. I found this page which needs sifting through virtualmin.com/node/35648, and another here virtualmin.com/node/25349. I searched Google using wordpress multisite virtualmin. If you find the answer, could you please share it with us? Cheers!! – closetnoc Sep 17 '19 at 17:56

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