I keep an eye on external links to my website that google reports in its webmaster dashboard for my blog (technical tipps).

According to that dashboard, my website has a wildly varying number of external links. I normally publish articles on a weekly basis. Nothing that would attract a lot of spam.


  • May 2347 external links
  • June 1789
  • July 1708
  • August 1185

How should I read this report? Or what should I make of this information? Why would the number of external links decrease continuously?


GSC allows to check indexing status and optimizing visibility of a website. The content should be well optimized before you publish it.

To know more about how GSC works, you can refer to many other site like MOZ.

Also, use techniques to make crawlers index your page.

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    This doesn't address why the number of "external" links changes as much as it does. – rohrl77 Sep 10 at 6:28
  • When you answer here, you are expected to address the specific question, not just provide general advice about the product being asked about. – Stephen Ostermiller Sep 10 at 9:12

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