My website has noindexed pages linked in navigation. The noindexed pages have proper canonical tags to the indexed preferred pages.

Is it a good strategy? All normal URLs are indexed in search. How would it potentially harm the performance of the website?

  • Why would you set it up that way? – Stephen Ostermiller Sep 3 at 9:51
  • Because website is based on SharePoint cms which automatically generates ASPX pages which by default get deployed in the navigation. – Neh Sep 3 at 12:32
  • Why wouldn't you want those pages indexed and create separate pages that get indexed? – Stephen Ostermiller Sep 3 at 12:32
  • No can't both versions of the pages are created by default. And indexing both would create duplication – Neh Sep 3 at 12:34
  • Noindex does not mean nofollow. As far as I understand, the canonical link should be followed by Google and that page found. While in theory, the navigational links should all resolve and be your most important pages, I see how you have a dilemma. And while Google may find your canonical link and page, Google may not treat it as important without another signal (link). The further away a page is from the home page, the less important it becomes. For example, to confuse things, Google counts page rank within a sites ethos of links before applying it to the worlds ethos of links. Cheers!! – closetnoc Sep 9 at 20:23

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