I'm using cPanel to create a new address for a specific domain. Using cPanel I've created the following email (it's just an example): demo@domain.com

After that I just try some tests and now I can send emails (I already send to a Google account) but I cannot receive any email. Even when I try to reply to the email that I sent to my google account it gives me this error "Message not Delivered / Address not Found"

I didn't change any Client Manual Settings or other advanced options.

And I also have other two other email from the same domain (not created for me) and it works fine! Only this newest email have problems.

Do you know if I have to make any additional configuration?

  • When you say you created a new address, did you create a new email account? As opposed to creating a forwarding address? – Stephen Ostermiller Nov 13 '19 at 11:41

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