Through Google Tag Manager, I have successfully made a connection to track page views for my company site. I have debugged this in GTM and also see the "real time" results loading in Google Analytics. But I want to take things further than just page views being tracked. I want to track a GTM variable as a GA event.

For the same Google Tag Manager Workspace, I went to the "Variables" page and created a new variable called "Certain HTML Element Class Name". The point of the variable is to collect the class name found on my <html> element. For example, collect cat from:

<html class="cat">

I am successful in seeing this value displayed in GTM's debug window.

But!!! How in the world do I send that variable data to Google Analytics as an event? I want to see from Google Analytics that every time a page is loaded, GA fires my GTM variable as an event.

Is this possible?

Just to show what I have attempted to do - here are my settings in GTM. Am I on the right track??? Am I missing something? Appreciate any feedback!

enter image description here

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I feel this is closer to the truth in solving my issue.

  • From GTM, I went into my existing workspace and created a second Tag. I called this one IT Apps Certain Event Tracking. For the settings...
    • I assigned the GA Universal Analytics.
    • I then assigned the Track type to Event.
    • I then filled in the Action, label and value fields. For value, I assigned {{Certain HTML Element Class Name}}.
    • For Google Analytic Settings, I assigned my {{Google Analytics Settings}} variable.
    • Finally, I attached my trigger, IT Apps - Certain Page Views.

After publishing these settings in GTM, I was able to go into the GA and see my events firing under the "Real time" section. I feel happy about this and can't wait until I start seeing my results (values) for my events kicking in.

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    Thanks for sharing!
    – closetnoc
    Sep 29, 2019 at 15:26

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