For some reason or another, a website I started managing is running on Dreamweaver and to update the posts and feed, I have to edit a news.json file.

The problem is that these are only set fields in here, and the meta title and meta description all populate to be the same.

"ID": "20190814-01",
"title": " Post Titles",
"date": "(August 14, 2019) — ",
"shortDesc": "Description of post/excerpt for posts landing page",
"fullStory": "Full content of post",
"displayDate": "Article was posted on August 14, 2019."

Since I am not familiar with this format, is it possible to find and enter fields like "metaTitle", "metaDescription"?

Would there be other files I would need to modify to get these to show?

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    The <title> tag is not a meta tag. There is no such thing as a "meta title". One it doesn't use <meta> and two, it is shown to users in the window decoration and tabs. You should refer to it as just the "title", or the "page title". Commented Aug 21, 2019 at 23:12
  • Yep, you're absolutely correct. I'm used to talking to non-tech so "meta tag" is commonly thrown around.
    – Rob T
    Commented Aug 23, 2019 at 0:27

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After digging around in the site's php files I found a feed that seems to bridge the files:

   $urlID = substr($urlString, $eqPos + 1, 11);  

   switch ($urlID) { 
   case "20190823-01"; /*ID from other php file listed above */
   $title = "Sample title";
   $metaDescription = "Sample description.";

And this feeds through each post but is not dynamically generated.

Appreciate the question views and hope this may help someone in the future.

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