I'm trying to serve HTML from a web server made in MS-DOS that is capable of processing one web request at a time.

I made some HTML in which two iframes must be loaded. I use iframes because frameset is depreciated.

I do this because I want a panel on the side for common menu options, and a large panel for the main screen.

The problem is the last panel does not load even though the correct file is requested. In fact, the web server does not even acknowledge the last panel request, but I was hoping each item would load one at a time.

To clear some confusion, I included my index.htm code:

<base target="f2">
<style type="text/css">
<H1 ID="hdr">Big title</H1>
<!-- First pane is huge list of 50+ clickable commands which does not fit on one screen -->
<iframe ID="f1" src="cmds.htm"></iframe>
<!-- Second pane is main screen that changes depending on command clicked -->
<iframe ID="f2" src="screen.htm"></iframe>
<div ID="f3">
<form action="hwrun.exe"><input type="submit" value="Run All"></form>
<form action="hwclear.exe"><input type="submit" value="Clear All"></form>

In this example, screen.htm doesn't load and when I tried it in firefox, it shows its own page telling me it cannot connect to the server.

Is there a way I can solve this without the need to hack the MS-DOS server, and without the need of Javascript and without having to expect the user to constantly scroll to get the wanted command?

  • Without javascript... doubtful. Maybe try loading screen.htm as an iframe in cmds.htm instead. Bear in mind that nested iframes is NOT supported by W3C and I have no idea if it works with your design. Any other possible solution I can think of requires javascript. – Trickytree22 Aug 22 '19 at 11:42

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