I have a domain that is currently set up to go to a squarespace website. I am also developing an app and so would like to host my API using Google App Engine.

I would like to use a subdomain to point to this instance whilst still having the main domain point to squarespace.

example.com     -> Squarespace
api.example.com -> Google App Engine

In the guides both google cloud and squarespace require A records and CNAME records set up but that seems to not work.

Would someone be able to explain how I can achieve the above behavior?

  • "but that seems to not work." that is not really descriptive troubleshooting info. Just add two A records, one for the apex towards first provider and another for api towards second provider. That should work, at least on the paper, but of course in practice it all depends on many details. – Patrick Mevzek Aug 21 '19 at 4:06

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