I have an Apex domain with two MX Records e.g. Example.com MX 10 cluster.host.com MX 20 cluster.host.com

This domain has a subdomain with a different MX record e.g. Sub.example.com MX 10 filter.host.com MX 20 filter.host.com

However when I do an NSLookup for the subdomain MX Record, I only get the Apex domain records.

I feel like I have missed something obvious... Does the subdomain "Sub" require an A Record in order for the MX to be detected?


  • "I feel like I have missed something obvious... " providing the real name involved, and the exact troubleshooting done (questions and answers as dig would show for example, not translations of it, because, for example, seeing the return code can be useful) seem to be obivous steps needed to be able to get useful help and answers. – Patrick Mevzek Aug 21 '19 at 4:04

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