I have a site that gets 20 to 30 visitors (sometimes 50+) daily from organic search. Organic search traffics mostly comes from Bing search engine, not Google.

I have read that before, Google Adsense performs well for organic search traffics instead of social media traffics. I want to know that, Is Google adsense performs well for Google organic search traffics only? or Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and other organic search traffics also good to put Google ads on site that receives more organic visitors other than Google search engine.

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Yes. You can use Google Ads for any site ignoring the organic traffic it receives from any Search Engine.

  • Also, can you let me know how is this happening, as in, how are you getting 90% of the traffic from Bing, is your website related to some niche domain which is somehow related with Bing users?
    – Anuvesh
    Aug 22, 2019 at 12:51

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