I'm a little stumped.

I have a DOS executable that I want to eventually run in my linux apache server.

Research has led me to believe using the mod_ext_filter module is my best bet.

I decided to make a super simple C program that prints out program arguments. Here's the source code:

#include <stdio.h>

int main(int argc,char* argv[]){
    while(argc > 0){
        printf("Arg %d: %s\n",argc,argv[argc]);
return 0;


I then compiled it and renamed the binary to aout. Then I updated the httpd.conf and included these after the "LoadModule" directives:

AddType dos/exe .exe
ExtFilterDefine runexe mode=output intype=dos/exe outtype=text/html cmd="/path/to/aout <0"
SetOutputFilter runexe

Then right under <Directory />, I add:

ExtFilterOptions LogStderr DebugLevel=5

When I start apache and run an EXE file that's found, I expected to see the exe filename as a parameter, but I don't. What I see in my browser is:

Arg 1: <0 Arg 0: /www/public/cgi/aout END

Which means that it recognized the program that handles the exe files and took the argument as if it was plain text.

Am I using the right module to associate EXE files with external programs or am I formatting my command string incorrectly? What could I be doing wrong?

So Why DOS and EXE?

My end goal is to take output from a compiled Qbasic program and have Linux apache pass it to my browser. I can already get the output printed in a terminal using the wineconsole command. And why such old software? because I'm doing a major project and the hardware is connected to the PC through the old serial port. so the program prints out HTML output as well as communicate with the hardware.

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