When I publish a new site, it is caught by anti-virus, while it is still new. The message is always something like...

This site is safe, but doesn't have enough history for us to let you proceed without warning you.

It is easy enough to verify my site using Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, and Norton SafeWeb.

However, I can't find anything like those options for McAfee, Bitdefender, Webroot, Avast, etc.

What else can I do prevent my new, but very safe, sites from showing as "too new to trust"?


McAfee has one for free here https://www.mcafeesecure.com/start-lite

I dont know about Bitdefender, Webroot, Avast.


If you're often caught by a virus and you aren't injecting them then it is related to your web hosting because their servers must have a virus, and on that, they have hosted your website.

I think you must go for Sucuri rather than McAfee or anything.

  • I'm not "often" caught by anti-virus, it's only on brand new sites. I even get that this isn't a bad thing to show by default, I am just hoping to learn about tactics to address this for genuinely good websites that are just new - it's awfully hard on entrepreneurs. This a static website hosted using AWS S3 buckets and served using AWS CloudFront CDN behind an SSL certificate obtained using AWS Cert Manager. I don't think AWS is a hosting service associated with virus laden websites. – CuriousChad Aug 28 '19 at 18:23

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