I've had a Google Ads mishap and need to create a second account which Google can't link to the original.

I'm assume that they track everything related to me and the account, so need to create a new identity (new computer, ip, website url, website content, business etc.

The piece I'm struggling with the most is the payment card. If I use a new card, (new issuer and a new address), is there any way that Google can tie the new card to the old account?

The question may boil down to: what data about me does the credit card company share with Google?

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If your original Google Ads account got suspended/shutdown due to violations of some kind, then I don't fancy your chances.

There are limited circumstances in which Google will allow the creation and use of 2nd Google Ads account, however you will need to contact a Google Ads support rep or contact a 3rd party Google Ads partner (they offer paid assistance), in order to have it all setup correctly and not end up in violation of their policies resulting in the new Google Ads account ending up with a suspension too.

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