I am trying to create a Google Analytics segment that identifies engaged users defined as visitors who view at least 10 or more product pages (so only pages that contact the URI /product) Ideally I could do this within a session (users who visited 10 product pages within a session) and across session (users who visited 10 product pages over any number of sessions) - so Session and User based segments. But I am not clear how to limit this to product pages. I don't think this works: Pageviews per session ≥ 10 AND Page contains /product. I think that just gives me any session with pageviews>10 and at least one page was a product page. Anyone understand the mystery of Google Analytics Considitonal segments?

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I would use a custom sequence segment for this Filter > Include > Sessions Sequence start > Any user interaction
Segment contains 10 steps.
Each step configured as Page contains /product
followed by
This way the segment will only include those that visited 10 product pages throughout their session. Can also create another one configured for User
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    If someone visits a product page and then performs 9 actions on that page that are tracked as events, this segment will catch them as well. (Which might be okay, they're clearly very engaged...)
    – Reve
    Commented Aug 9, 2019 at 12:29

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