I am developing my new website. I have an old website which is indexed by Google. Now I want to remove this website from Google.

If I just add this tag:

<meta name="robots" content="noindex">

this will definitely remove my website from Google.

Hence my question is: if I develop my new website in some days and after this new website is online, I remove the meta noindex tag from the previous website and also want to index the new website with totally new URLs (but definitely home URL is same mean domain name), will it be easily indexed or will this affect my new website and Google will not index my new website again?

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  • Does your new website cover the same topic as your old website? Are the pages on your new website migrated from your old website just with different URLs? – Stephen Ostermiller Aug 8 at 10:19
  • No only and the domain name same mean home page url is same 0ther all pages are different with different urls. – Bilawal Awan Aug 8 at 10:24
  • Why remove the old site? – Stephen Ostermiller Aug 8 at 10:25
  • Your question is very unclear, I have tried to edit it to make more sense, but double check it. Specifically, if you use the same domain name for new and old website, you can't have both at the same time, that is unclear. Also it is sad to be under the impression that the only search engine out there is Google... Is your question really just about this specific search engine or does it apply to any search engine having indexed your website? – Patrick Mevzek Aug 8 at 14:27
  • because my old website is not SEO friendly. When i was new in coding i don't have much idea about Seo. – Bilawal Awan Aug 8 at 17:16