I have created multiple subdomains on my DNS (en.example.com / pt.example.com / ru.example.com), all related to languages and all pointed to the same IP address.

I want to get the information from the prefix (en/pt/ru) and interpret in the back end of my website to get the language. Is it possible? And how can I do it? (I'm using Aspx in visual studio)

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  • This is more of a programming question, so more on topic of Stack Overflow. Yes what you want to do is possible in any language, any HTTP server and framework/library below it has access to all parts of the request, including the hostname. Before asking a question on Stack Overflow about this you should first need to search a little for similar questions and see what you have attempted to do already as people will not write code for you. – Patrick Mevzek Aug 8 at 14:29