I have two wordpress installations under one domain name, as this:


I have both of them created in Search Console as independant properties, in Tag Manager each with it's own tag and container, etc.

Just recently I noticed when I add sitemaps in the ExampleWP2 Search Console, it automatically adds the same sitemaps it in the ExampleWP1 Search Console aswell. I don't understand how or why, are the properties linked somehow??

I tested deleting all sitemaps, adding them again, and still happens.

I think I could try deleting all sitemaps from Search Console on both properties and keep them in each site's robots.txt, is that a viable option?

Also, both accounts are linked by the same company email... is it possible for that to be the cause?

Please someone advise, thank you.


Google does only see one website ExampleWP1.com with a subdirectory ExampleWP1.com/ExampleWP2

So it's quite fair it believes ExampleWP1.com is the root of this unique website where the sitemap should be found.

For a better control on your different websites, you should consider using an other domain name such as ExampleWP2.com or even a subdomain would be enough ExampleWP2.ExampleWP1.com

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