I am using Google Domains for my website. I also get a free email-forwarding facility. However, there is no documentation on how the wildcard entries are resolved.

For example: I have the following entries for email forwarding.

1. *      @example.com --> ex1@gmail.com
2. test*  @example.com --> ex2@gmail.com
3. test12*@example.com --> ex3@gmail.com

So, if I send test emails to

a. test123@example.com 
b. test1@example.com
c. anything@example.com

Which rule will be applied in each case?

My quick experiment suggests the rule #3, 2 and 1 is applied respectively. However, I am not sure if it is consistent i.e. will be applied consistently in the future. Is there a procedure that is used to resolve such conflicts/overlaps?

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