Well our website has a very minimal content of itself. It is basically an overview of organizations and an event calendar. Almost all data is "hidden" through dynamic content, and to greatly improve user exprerience we created a SPA, based on react.

Now in this spa obviously the window.location and window.history object are modified. - And the react (mobx) store will then notice this location change and automatically display/get the correct data.

This means that one of the few static pages /organizations basically boils down to a list of buttons; one for each organization. Each url would look like:

/organizations/myOrganization and /organizations/another-org/

Similarly there are for events: /events/some-event/

All "content" is behind those dynamic urls. However those urls are dynamic and thus cannot be added to the static sitemap.xml. So how can I let google/search engines know those urls exist? And they ought to be indexed? -- Does google automatically try to "click all buttons"?

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